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Join your driver as he takes you into the underworld of rideshare driving.

“I wanted to tell you about serial killers and handling special packages for the mob, but I handle people. It’s much more interesting.”

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Read the debut flash-fiction series from Friday Paul Ayo.

Dorean Black is searching for love and avoiding his troublesome past when a mundane trip to work takes a turn for the worst. Join Dorean as he fights to save his loved ones from a dangerous plot to destroy his city.

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The Life Cycle of a UB3R Driver Part 11: One at a Time | The Finale

My next passenger had a strange house. It had large rectangular windows that looked like they belonged on the side ...
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The Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver Part 10: Black Eye

I was trying to take my mind off Queen, so that evening, I got back to the road. It was ...
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The Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver Part 9: The Tenth Sin

When I walked into the restaurant, Queen was sitting near the entrance. She had on a large orange jacket, black ...
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