I found a few sunsets to watch this week. Part of being creative is the hunt for new places and unseen territories that we feel are ours for the moment.

My inner voice always warns me, though, “The landscape doesn’t belong to me.”

Deep down inside, I want to see every purple-orange sunrise and every green-red sunset before an orange moon.

The key is searching and finding the beautiful places. The key is letting go of the things that prevent you from finding beauty. And, ironically, in the modern world, scheduling is the key that allows you time for the search.

The quest you put down everything to take may be the leap you need for a breakthrough.

Photo by Eurico Craveiro


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I’ll continue sharing elements of beauty and insight at the new blog address, while housing my fiction and visual projects on FridayWrites.com. The shift goes into effect 1/29/2021.

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