What’s the Archive?

The Archive is a collection of Micro-Fiction, Flash Fiction, Stories, Poems, and Photographs. Some of the photos are curated, and others I snap myself.  When I was young, I always searched for the sidewalk’s end, imagined sideways schools, and watched my skin prickle with goosebumps while reading. Now, I get my chance to share my words with the world. My work is for love, the punch in the gut we need, and living at the pace of falling leaves. Find a story with The Archive.


Latest Posts

Empty Hand

There is an empty hand in the center of the fortress. The light sways over head. The stronghold opens and ...
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Cluttered Space

I was washing dishes the other day, wondering why I always washed them, rinsed them, but never put them away ...
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If flowers grew here,in beds of storms,sprouting pins and needles, if we pushed beauty out ofour fingertips 'til the worldfelt ...
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