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First Saturday January 2021

I’m sure fitness, new business models, and new beginnings are all trending. I’m sure we’ll work to be our best for the next three weeks. I’m sure we’ll hit that dreaded third Monday of January, which has been dubbed the worst day of the year. Despite the peril of new year commitments, we’ll take on … Continue Reading First Saturday January 2021

Clearing the Clutter

A cluttered workspace is the enemy of progress, the catalyst of procrastination, and the opposition of opportunity. Some of us cling to the absurdity of organized chaos, but face it. Messy is messy, and it’s probably not helping you. Think about it. When you start envisioning your dream. You create vision boards. You adapt a … Continue Reading Clearing the Clutter

Driving Attention

There is beauty in your goal and your mission. There is worthiness in your ambition. There is a journey that led you to build your dream. As we market our vision, we seek the latest hacks and shortcuts that will drive traffic to our sites. We pay for attention. We jump into the latest trends. … Continue Reading Driving Attention

Searching for Success

On our day to day journey, we encounter the stumbling blocks of achieving success. There is a ringing phone, there is our obsession with social media, and the relentless mental pressure of uncertainty. On the flipside, there are the highs of the journey. It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster. We wait in … Continue Reading Searching for Success


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Hi, I’m Friday. I’ve been an Educator and Director of a Non-Profit Organization. Now, I’m working as an Author and Filmmaker. I started this blog to spur on the go-getters and strivers working for a better world. Here, we discuss mindfulness, entrepreneurship, marketing, passion, breakthroughs, and living a focused life by cultivating our very best each day.

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