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Written and Directed by Friday Paul Ayo, Therapy features seven mini-webisodes scheduled to air June 5 – July 17, 2021 on YouTube.

The show follows J.T. Stephens as he enlists the support of an exotic dancer to heal his mental state with unconventional therapy sessions. Themes include a blend of comedy with serious issues to spur conversation and awareness about mental health and seeking help when you need it.

The cast includes up and coming actors: Joshua Roberts, Royal Blue Peace, Zach Pierce, Jasmyne Flowers, Beautiful Lawson, Melissa Jones, Dolapo Abdul, Deandre Beck, and Melchizedech.

Watch the trailer below.

From the Director and Creator: Friday Paul Ayo

I thought of this story one night on a long drive home. Then I had the urge to follow-through on the idea and get it written and filmed. At first, it was a daunting task, but sticking with the project paid-off.

While working on the first phase, I was pleased to have the support of a crew led by Jaqueline Clark and Jason Simmonds. They helped me get my bearings and sort out the kinks.

During the second phase, I went all-in and ran the show as a one-man DIY, Filmmaker Extraordinaire. It was definitely a learning experience, and I look forward to learning even more as I work on future projects.

Watch the Making Of Therapy below.

Seeing a project go from a few pages in a notebook to a completed web series is a big accomplishment for anyone. I learned everything from planning shoots to color correction with tons of research and advice from friends in the field.

There was definitely a lot of trial and error when working on this project, but every moment was valuable. I look forward to sharing more work and continuing to develop new projects in the future.

And as always, without the help of my actors and initial crew, this would still be a few pages in my notebook. I can’t thank my team enough.

Closing Thoughts

Therapy is scheduled for one season and hits the internet Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 12PM. Stay tuned and Happy Watching!

Episode 1

J.T. Stephens seeks the help of an exotic dancer to heal his mental state with unconventional therapy sessions.

Episode 2:

J.T. revisits a painful memory and creates new “parameters” to heal from the loss.

Episode 3

Airs June 19, 2021 @ 12PM on YouTube


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